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Smart production line

  • This is a full-automatic production line for KN95/N95 face masks production. The mask is consists of non-woven fabrics and Melt-blown fabric with 3~6 layers. The main automation processes include t…See details
  • The main automation processes include the coil material feeding, mask folding and compression welding, nose bridge strip feeding, mask forming and cutting, ear band feeding, ear band welding, ear ba…See details
  •  The voltage of the LED lamp bulb can be 110V/220V/230V/240V/380V. It can test different kind of items, such as high-mid-low voltage, high temperature with high voltage, impulse voltage, simulated …See details
  • This automatic production line is developed for the lamp bulb in LED industry. It adopt to the segmented linear structure. The front part and back end of the line consists of automatic elevator co…See details
  • This equipment is semi-automatic. After unloading the products from 1# lamp holder station, the operator press the start button, it will finish the testing and printing the bar-code automatically. T…See details
  • The device is customized based on customer's demands and products features. The functions are develped by our R&D team. Leady provides the whole solutions for the customers based on the technica…See details
  • The total quantity of holder is 128 pcs. There are total two sides with four layers, and each layer has 32 pcs of lamp holders. The distance between of each holder is 160MM*160MM. This device has a…See details
  • With the widely using of the LED lights. Lots of LED manufacturers need to improve the working efficiency to meet the market purchasing demands. The up and down baking machine is used to make t…See details
  • This device has been developed according to the customer's technical requirments and products features. It mainly used to test the WIFI connect function for the LED bulbs. The fixture can be replac…See details
  • This device has been developed based on the customer's requirements and product features. The operator loads the products into the fixture, and then through the special software to burn the program …See details
  • With single glue dispensing head and two platform structure. It can keep working in turn to improve the working efficiency. The glue dispensing head can be replaced to meet the high requirments ab…See details
  • This machine is used for punching the lamp head of E26, E27, E14, B22, it can make the lamp cap to lock with the lamp base more tightly.  See details
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