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Technical Support

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Technical Support

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Product technical support:


1, GU10/MR16 automatic assembly line: this series of GU10/MR16 automatic assembly line is GU10/MR16 energy-saving lamps production of special production equipment. Production efficiency of up to 900-1200 / h.

2, LED ball bubble automatic assembly line: the device is completely rely on the automatic replacement of artificial LED bulb lamp production line. The use of the production line, will greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality of LED bulb lamp, so as to remove the LED bulb into the lamp of the maximum cost of ordinary lighting.

3, T8-LED lamp automatic assembly line: this device is to realize the automatic feeding, automatic online automatic point, automatic lock screw, automatic test, etc..

"Technology is the soul of enterprise" is the spirit, and strive to build a first-class products, for customers to provide a steady stream of technology support, promote the harmonious development of the society, the enterprise and the customer.

For help please call 24 hours technical service hotline: 400-800-6478